Here are a few questions that you might have about us and our research. Take a look–and if we don’t answer your questions here, contact us and we’d love to answer any question you have.

When I receive a report, how may I use the information?

The report we send you is suitable for use with your organization—including your staff, volunteers and board.  We ask that you do not share the report with other organizations.  If they desire a copy of the report, please refer them to Nonprofit Insight.

Will my responses remain anonymous?

Our research is only as good as the way we treat your private responses. We won’t attribute any quotes or responses to you without your explicit permission prior to publication.

I am considering a research project for my ministry. What do you need from me?

You can complete the Contact Us form to let us know what kind of project you have in mind or simply what information you need. One of our research partner organizations will be glad to talk with you and suggest an approach that will best meet your requirements, including your timeframe, budget, and deliverables.

What kinds of organizations do you usually work with?

We work with Christian ministries and nonprofits of all sizes to help them find how to make better, data-driven decisions about fundraising, donor communications, leadership, etc.

What kind of research does Nonprofit Insight offer?

Nonprofit Insight offers custom research opportunity assessment studies and industry analysis around major donors, donor communication, capital campaigns, leadership, etc.